Comments - About MariaDB Connector/ODBC

7 years, 4 months ago Ben Postma

If you use the "MariaDB Connector/ODBC 3.0.0" driver, then in the example connection string the Driver should be {MariaDB ODBC 3.0 Driver} (And not 2.0 as stated in "Connection Parameters" and "Example"). Under Windows, in general you can get the driver name by searching for ODBC and then selecting "Set up ODBC data sources" (32 or 64 bit depending). Then under "User DSN" press "Add" and scroll down to M, where you will will see the name of the driver, such as "MariaDB ODBC 3.0 Driver".

6 years, 7 months ago Lawrin Novitsky

To the moment latest release in 2.0 series is latest stable release. Connector 3.0 is in beta stage yet. Thus example shows 2.0. As soon as 3.0 becomes GA it will be changed

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