Access denied for user in config maxscale


I using maxscale to automatic failover. When i install, config maxscale . but connect from clients error : ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'cuongtq'@'::ffff:' (using password: YES) This is file maxscale

  1. address of a MariaDB server.

[server1] type=server address= port=3306 protocol=MariaDBBackend proxy_protocol=true

[server2] type=server address= port=3306 protocol=MariaDBBackend proxy_protocol=true

  1. Monitor for the servers
  2. This will keep MaxScale aware of the state of the servers.
  3. MariaDB Monitor documentation:

[MariaDB-Monitor] type=monitor module=mariadbmon servers=server1,server2 auto_failover=1 replication_user=repl_user replication_password=oracle_4U failover_timeout=5 auto_rejoin=true master_failure_timeout=2 verify_master_failure=true switchover_timeout=90 user=maxscale password=16382897F527D9FF21E2D5B92DD3B0B4C395656B634502C160E1E8C597E42F1F monitor_interval=2000

  1. Service definitions
  2. Service Definition for a read-only service and
  3. a read/write splitting service.
  1. ReadWriteSplit documentation:

[Read-Write-Service] type=service router=readwritesplit servers=server1,server2 user=maxscale password=16382897F527D9FF21E2D5B92DD3B0B4C395656B634502C160E1E8C597E42F1F connection_keepalive=60

  1. Listener definitions for the services
  2. These listeners represent the ports the
  3. services will listen on.

[Read-Write-Listener] type=listener service=Read-Write-Service protocol=MariaDBClient port=3306 [root@bccs3-app-09 ]#


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