Bare-minimum MariaDB "cmake" options?

Hi there,

I want to install MariaDB on a Debian 12 (Arm64) server. But I am struggling to understand what plugins and other settings I should use for a "bare minimum setup". The plan is to use this in Production. I have no idea what all these plugins do and don't do. The documentation is very difficult, so I'd really appreciate some help here.

What I need: A functional and secure production-ready MariaDB that I can use, either with "root" user or with my custom user. Using password authentication (legacy, I think is best for me). Add/remove tables and insert/read/delete data. Nothing more, nothing less. Just the bare minimum. It's for a regular website with account registration system and stuff like that.

I am going for Version 11.2.2 since it appears to be latest stable(?)

What I have done so far:

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt install build-essential bison cmake libmariadb-dev libncurses-dev

tar -xf mariadb-*.tar.gz
cd mariadb-11.2.2

cmake . -LH

I have not done anything more. I learned from a YouTube video [on MariaDB's youtube channel] (here: that I can use -LH flag to see the configuration.

I need to now configure this "cmake". Once I am done configuring, I assume I should run this:

make -j4
sudo make install

From there on, I am clueless. But let's do one thing at a time. What should I remove to get a bare-minimum functional and secure MariaDB setup? In the video I can see he choose to not include these plugins:


But what else should I remove?

By the way, have I messed something else up on the way?

Again, I have no idea what any of these plugins are or how important they are. I assume, if I don't know: it should be excluded. Rocksdb, connect, sphinx. No idea what those are. I just want to setup a plain MariaDB and nothing else.

Please help me out. I've been stuck at this the entire day! Just to be clear. I look for examples of these "cmake" options. I want to know specifically what I should delete. I have no interest in extra plugins or "debug"/testing.

If anybody out there has done something like this, please share your settings or your "CMakeCache.txt" file! Thank you in advance!


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