Bolt Examples

This page shows some examples of what we can do with Bolt to administer a set of MariaDB servers. Bolt is a tool that is part of the Puppet ecosystem.

For information about installing Bolt, see Installing Bolt in Bolt documentation.

Inventory Files

The simplest way to call Bolt and instruct it to do something on some remote targets is the following:

bolt ... --nodes,,300,300,300,300

However, for non-trivial setups it is usually better to use an inventory file. An example:

  - uri:
    name: maria_1
    alias: mariadb_main

In this way, it will be possible to refer the target by name or alias.

We can also define groups, followed by the group members. For example:

  - name: mariadb-staging
        - uri:
        name: maria_1
        - uri:
        name: maria_2
  - name: mariadb-production

With an inventory of this type, it will be possible to run Bolt actions against all the targets that are members of a group:

bolt ... --nodes mariadb-staging

In the examples in the rest of the page, the --targets parameter will be indicated in this way, for simplicity: --targets <targets>.

Running Commands on Targets

The simplest way to run a command remotely is the following:

bolt command run 'mariadb-admin start-all-slaves' --targets <targets>

Copying Files

To copy a file or a whole directory to targets:

bolt file upload /path/to/source /path/to/destination --targets <targets>

To copy a file or a whole directory from the targets to the local host:

bolt file download /path/to/source /path/to/destination --targets <targets>

Running Scripts on Targets

We can use Bolt to run a local script on remote targets. Bolt will temporarily copy the script to the targets, run it, and delete it from the targets. This is convenient for scripts that are meant to only run once.

bolt script run --targets <targets>

Running Tasks on Targets

Puppet tasks are not always as powerful as custom scripts, but they are simpler and many of them are idempotent. The following task stops MariaDB replication:

bolt task run mysql::sql --targets <targets> sql="STOP REPLICA"

Applying Puppet Code on Targets

It is also possible to apply whole manifests or portions of Puppet code (resources) on the targets.

To apply a manifest:

bolt apply manifests/server.pp  --targets <targets>

To apply a resource description:

bolt apply --execute "file { '/etc/mysql/my.cnf': ensure => present }" --targets <targets>

Bolt Resources and References

Further information about the concepts explained in this page can be found in Bolt documentation:

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