can't determine proper JOIN query construct

Hello, I have a newbie question: Running Mariadb 10.4, I'm using a baseball database containing 22 tables. All of the tables have a column named 'playerID'. What I'm trying to do is return results from two tables ('Batting' and 'Fielding') for a specific playerID (i.e. show the results for a specific playerID from both tables in one table) using a JOIN query. There are plenty of generic solutions on the net, but I have yet to find one that explains exactly what each segment of this query means. I thought this query would work, but apparently there's a syntax error:

select playerID from Batting, inner join Fielding on Batting.playerID = Fielding.playerID;

TIA for any help provided.


Steve Silvi

Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.

The syntax error probably points you to the part of the query with the mistake. In this case, you have a comma after from Batting which shouldn't be there. See Joining Tables with JOIN Clauses for more examples.


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