Can't install 10.2.12 GA on Mac OS

I have been having a fit trying to install MariaDB 10.2 on MacOS X, both via the official installer, and via home-brew.

At first, I thought I couldn't complain, since I was using an older OS than the one stated on the MariaDB Download page, and I appeared to be getting missing lib reference errors in the log.

So, I re-formatted the disk, clean-installed the latest MacOS (10.13.3), installed the latest Xcode, installed Remote Desktop (this Mac Mini server is normally headless), and downloaded the latest (10.2.12) MariaDB installer. Should be pretty much like the test environment, no? :-)

The installer said the installation failed, near the very end of the process. ps showed no mysqld process running. I went away for a while, and came back and mysqld was running, probably due to launchd.

/var/log/mariadb_installer.log ends with:

sh: line 1:  1580 Illegal instruction: 4  '/usr/local/mariadb/server/bin/mysql' --no-defaults --help 2>&1 > /dev/null
FATAL ERROR: Can't execute '/usr/local/mariadb/server/bin/mysql'

Figuring that the physical install succeeded, but initialization scripts failed, I manually followed the instructions in INSTALL_BINARY, and killed the running mysqld process. It did not re-start, so I manually ran "./bin/mysqld_safe --user=mysql &"

Then I tried to run mysql from the shell, and I get "Illegal Instruction: 4" and a shell return code of 132. (mariadb/server/bin/perror tells me that means: "Old database file," which is strange, coming from a new installation.) I tried running other utilities in /usr/local/mariadb/server/bin, and got a similar message, probably because they are mostly shell script wrappers around mysql.

I installed third-party clients "Sequel Pro" and "Querious." Both of them can connect to the database at I successfully created a simple table in the test database and wrote/read a few records.

I attempted unsuccessfully to use the same tools from another LAN machine, but that is probably just a GRANT thing.

I used the tool "Pacifist" to open the MacOS Installer package and extract just the mysql binary. It has the same cksum(1) as the installed one, and behaves similarly.

SO it appears I there is a bad copy of the client program "mysql" in the official download package for MacOS.

Should I go ahead and report this as a bug, or is there some cockpit problem I'm not seeing here?

Answer Answered by Brian Evans in this comment.

Illegal instruction means this binary contains a CPU instruction that your CPU does not support.

Eg. SSE3 on a machine without it or trying to run x86_64 on a 32-bit machine

So, yes, I would file a bug if you have the correct archive and include the OS and CPU.


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