Can't use my PMB database after upgrading to version 10.1.44-MariaDB...


I'm using PMB SIGB with a huge database from many years. Recently I upgrade my Linux system with Linux Mint 19 and package 10.1.44-MariaDB. Then phpmyadmin show "used" information for a lot of tables types, so no InoDB =, no Isam, but "used"... I understand it was tables not recognized by MariaDB engine. So I arttempted a mysql_upgrade but then again with full messages to say about same tables "not recognize by engine" or something like that...

Then I would like to install a MariaDB backward version, but first I needed to know wich version my tables files used. I finded a web page "How to obtain the MySQL version from an FRM file" :

Then I apllied it to one of my tables :

hexdump -s 0x33 -n 2 -v -d authorities.frm 0000033 34500 0000035

I could understand i would be MariaDB 5.34 ...??? But I'm not sure. I can't give you my authorities.frm file here... So I attempted to load a bacward package for MariaDB and my Linux Mint 19 show me :

1:10.1.44-0Ubunto0.18.04.1 (bionic-updates) 1:10.1.29-6 (bionic)

So I tested the last, 1:10.1.29-6 (bionic), but it looks like same version because first one could be only an update... And then, mysql -version display 10.1.44 always.

So, what can I do ?

thank you for your help.


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