Changes in MariaDB Jupyter Kernel

[v0.2.0] 02 November 2021

Features and improvements

  • SQL code autocompletion ( GSoC project 2021 by Xing-Zhi Jiang)
  • Code Instrospection ( GSoC project 2021 by Xing-Zhi Jiang)
  • Add debug option in ClientConfig
  • The MyBinder configurations are switched to Dockerfile to achieve more flexibility
  • The kernel is now able to start its own MariaDB Server instance, run mariadb-install-db to create a datadir and pass the right options to client and server so that first-time users only need to have the mariadb-server package installed (Contribution by Jonas Karlsson).

Bug fixes

  • Progress reporting for commands such as LOAD DATA is disabled
  • In multiple running notebooks with multiple MariaDB kernels, only the last alive notebook kills the MariaDB server (Contribution by Jonas Karlsson)

[v0.1.1] 29 March 2021

Features and improvements

  • Add pre-commit support in the GitHub Actions CI
  • Add two new example notebooks (contribution from Daniel Black)
  • Add more tests
  • Queries such as INSERT that don't return any result set should show a "Query OK" confirmation message (Contribution by XING-ZHI JIANG)
  • Add %%delimiter cell magic command to run a query under a different SQL delimiter
  • SQL error messages should only contain the relevant part of the error without the MariaDB error number

Bug fixes

  • Refactor CodeParser to address a number of bugs related to how the MariaDB kernel was parsing multi-line queries
  • Fixed bugs in MariaDB client that were leading to wrong multi-line outputs from functions such as JSON_DETAILED

[v0.1.0] 11 January 2021

First release!


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