With the COM_QUERY command, the client sends the server an SQL statement to be executed immediately.


The SQL statement should be properly escaped. The escape character is usually a backslash '\' = 0x5c. However, if the status flag returned by the last OK Packet had NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES bit set then the escape character is a single quote(' = 0x60)

If the escape character is a backslash, the following characters are escaped:

  • single quote (' = 0x60)
  • back slash (\ = 0x5c)
  • double quote (" = 0x22)
  • null character (0x00)

If the escape character is a single quote, only the single quote (' = 0x60) can be escaped.


The server can answer with 4 different responses that can be differentiated by the first byte (packet header):

  • 0xFF - ERR_Packet if any error occurs.
  • 0x00 - OK_Packet when query execution works without resultset.
  • 0xFB - LOCAL_INFILE Packet if the query was "LOCAL INFILE ...".
  • Or a Resultset, when the query returns results (in case of a SELECT query for example).


1b 00 00 00 03 44 52 4f 50 20 54 41 42 4c 45 20.....DROP TABLE
49 46 20 45 58 49 53 54 53 20 62 75 6c 6b 31IF EXISTS bulk1


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