Comments - External (Connect) Tables read-only after MariaDB upgrade from to

8 years, 1 month ago JHT Claessen


Yes I connect from MariaDB to an external MSSQL server (SQL 2008). I haven't tried with Oracle or Access. But I got it on both servers. Everything works in 10.0.12, but when I upgrade everything becomes read-only and when I roll-back everything works again.

But I will make a new development server soon to start debugging possible causes (maybe there are ODBC upgrades available since I am connecting from a Windows Server 2008 to a Windows Server 2008). So the remote database is not read only, but will try in a couple of days to set up a new environment and check the ODBC driver. Thanks so far.

7 years, 9 months ago Ian Gilfillan

Did you ever manage to find the cause of the problem?

7 years, 9 months ago JHT Claessen

Yes, the problem got solved with MariaDB support. I was using a srcdef query for retrieving the data. After switching to the tabname (which I couldn't get working in 10.0.12 and that's the reason I used srcdef) everything worked.

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