EXECUTE Statement


EXECUTE stmt_name
    [USING expression[, expression] ...]


After preparing a statement with PREPARE, you execute it with an EXECUTE statement that refers to the prepared statement name. If the prepared statement contains any parameter markers, you must supply a USING clause that lists user variables containing the values to be bound to the parameters. Parameter values can be supplied only by user variables, and the USING clause must name exactly as many variables as the number of parameter markers in the statement.

You can execute a given prepared statement multiple times, passing different variables to it or setting the variables to different values before each execution.

If the specified statement has not been PREPAREd, an error similar to the following is produced:

ERROR 1243 (HY000): Unknown prepared statement handler (stmt_name) given to EXECUTE

EXECUTE with expression as parameters was introduced in MariaDB 10.2.3. Prior to that one could only use variables (@var_name) as parameters.


See example in PREPARE.

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