Galera cluster consisting of more than one Linux distro?

Is it possible/supported to run a galeracluster, (MariaDB10.2) where exisiting 3nodes is running on one distro Linux, and then add 3nodes using another distro to the mix, before finally removing the old 3 nodes distro?

(Ubuntu migrate to CentOS, to be specific)

Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.

There should be no reason why not, all else being equal.

(And I can now vouch that this *is* a correct assumption.I just managed to set up another three additional nodes, all running Centos7 (1804?) and they are doing SST just fine from the exsiting Ubuntu16.04.

All is MariaDB 10.2 - so a transparent switch from Ubuntu to Centos (or whatever distro) is possible. That's kinda cool!


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