Getting column names from the fields that use non-ANSI characters

I am trying to replicate example how to create pivot table like from MariaDB documentation:

Everything works as fine as explained. However, if I replace in source table fields 'Beer' with '啤酒‘ and 'Car' with 'машина‘, I get the following CREATE TABLE statement:

CREATE TABLE `pivex_cn` ( `who` varchar(135) NOT NULL, `week` int(11) NOT NULL, `啤酒` decimal(6,2) NOT NULL `FLAG`=1, `Food` decimal(6,2) NOT NULL `FLAG`=1, `машина` decimal(6,2) NOT NULL `FLAG`=1 ) ENGINE=CONNECT DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 `TABLE_TYPE`='pivot' `TABNAME`='topivot_cn'

Which then in SELECT * FROM pivex_cn; gives the following error: "Error Code: 1296. Got error 122 'Cannot find matching column' from CONNECT"

All tables are using utf8 as default. I also tried uft8mb4, the same result :(

Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.

There were some character set issues fixed with CONNECT in the latest release, 10.0.16 (which should be available today). I'm not sure if these will fix your specific issues - if not, please report this issue as a bug.


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