getting started with json

hello - i hope this is the correct forum for questions.

i was attempting to read the instructions (yes a historic first) here for trying out the new JSON type using my newly installed mariadb-10.3:

and i was having trouble with this line in the example:

engine=CONNECT table_type=JSON

the error i see is:

ERROR 1286 (42000): Unknown storage engine 'CONNECT'

in another page i was told to do something like the following (i am just guessing here)

INSTALL SONAME 'ha_connect';

ERROR 1126 (HY000): Can't open shared library '/path/to/plugin/directory/' (errno: 2, cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

any assistance would be most appreciated. what i would love to see is an example for a complete newbie of how to use JSON.

Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.

See Loading the CONNECT Storage Engine for details on installing CONNECT. The libraries need to be available and in the correct location.


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