How execute an insert in a Trigger using table with Engine CONNECT?

Hello Guys

I hope you are fine. I have a project, where I need to insert data on a MS SQL SERVER 200R2 from a MariaBD table using a Trigger after insert.

I can define the table with Engine CONNECT with ODBC, and I can insert records using querys without any message, the data is showed on the MS SQL Server.

But, When I use the same query on the table by a TRIGGER of BEFORE INSERT, for example:

CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` TRIGGER `transactions_poll_before_insert` BEFORE INSERT ON `transactions_poll` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN INSERT INTO test.poll (poll.PO_LINX, poll.PO_NUMERO, poll.PO_FECHA ) VALUES ( CAST(NEW.trans_device AS CHAR(11) ), CAST(NEW.trans_userid AS INTEGER), CAST( new.trans_datetime AS DATETIME) ); END

The trigger generateS the error: Error of SQL(1045):Access denied for user 'roor'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

I am using the root user with default password, but I am confused that works in normal query, but always fails when ran from a trigger. Please your help to understand if I need to define and adddtional parameters, or maybe is an issue.

Thanks in advance. Dante Cortes


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