How to configure MariaDB Configuration File

OS - Rhel 7 MariaDB version 10.3.9 High Availability - Galera Cluster No of Nodes : 3 RAM - 64 GB ( DB server)

Hi Experts, I need to configure MariaDB configuration file. In test server, As per the default configuration value, We were not able to insert bulk record.

After we increased some size in following parameter, We can able to insert now.

We are going to configure production server for MariaDB now. We have 64 GB.

How can we configure following parameter in recommended way for best performance. InnoDB_log_file_size = ? InnoDB_log_buffer_size= ? InnoDB_strict_Mode=? InnoDB_Page_size=? InnoDB_buffer_pool_size = ?

Please share your updates. It will help me.


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