IF THEN ELSE with Multiple statements

According to the online docs - it shows:

IF search_condition THEN statement_list
    [ELSEIF search_condition THEN statement_list] ...
    [ELSE statement_list]

However - at least in my stored procedures - it appears that only the first statement in the "statement_list" executes. I remedies this by putting a BEGIN ... END; that started after the IF (or THEN, to be more specific) and ended just before the ELSE/END IF. This doesn't seem to be the behavior of the CASE structures I have in other stored procedures (more possible conditions, made more sense than IF/ELSE or nested IF's to me).

Is this the expected behavior?

I haven't had a chance to review all of my stored procedures to see if I have any with multiple statements in the "statement_list" of any IF structures - but - I will take some time to see if I have any - and specifically test for any conditions that would hit sections with more than one statement in the statement_list.

My environment is MariaDB installed on a VICIdial / VICIbox system, MariaDB's version variable is showing a value of "10.1.6-MariaDB-log"

I prefer to be explicit when I program - so - including a BEGIN ... END; for clarity doesn't bother me at all - and - it's also useful for ELSE situations where I don't really want to run any statements - so - it would be consistent to always use it - but - just wasn't expecting this behavior at all.

Thanks for any feedback / confirmation of what I am seeing...David


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