insert data quickly

Below code is taking long as it is inserting line by line.

There is faster method as documented here on wrapping them using begin/end.

Can help on the syntax required to change for the code below? Thanks.

    # DB Handler objects
    my $dbh = $DBObj->connect_main();
    my $sth = $dbh->prepare("INSERT INTO ws_tbl ( ws, jobs, name, date, username) values (?,?,?,?,?)");
    open(my $data, '<', $filename) or die "Could not open '$filename' $!\n";
    while (my $line = <$data>) {
        chomp $line;
        if ($csv->parse($line)) {
            my @fields = $csv->fields();
            if( scalar(@fields) != 4 ) {
                print "@fields\n";
            $sth->bind_param(1, $fields[0]);
            $sth->bind_param(2, $fields[1]); 
            $sth->bind_param(3, $fields[2]);
            $sth->bind_param(4, $fields[3]);
            $sth->bind_param(5, $username);
            $sth->execute() || print "$. :  Error to insert values from csv file line - $line \n ";
        } else {
            warn "Line could not be parsed: $line\n";


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