How to access test mariadb enterprise kubernetes maxscale endpoints externally

I re-installed the helm chart that creates a Mariadb Enterprise cluster with maxscale. I did this a few months ago and all I had to do to access externally was change the service to NodePort and kubernetes assigned random ports and I was able to access the database with my Mac's IP address and the port (both readwrite and readonly ports were created).

With this latest helm chart, the service is defined as a "Headless Service" and any change I try to make to it to expose it externally doesn't work. If I try to change it from a headless service to NodePort it gives me an error because the cluster ip is None. I don't know how to assign a cluster ip where one wasn't created by the helm chart already.

I am guessing I am supposed to leave the service defined as a headless service but I don't know the proper method to expose this externally.

How to do this?

Thanks Raymond Cordoni


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