Installing System Tables (mariadb-install-db)

mariadb-install-db initializes the MariaDB data directory and creates the system tables in the mysql database, if they do not exist. MariaDB uses these tables to manage privileges, roles, and plugins. It also uses them to provide the data for the help command in the mariadb client.

mariadb-install-db works by starting MariaDB Server's mysqld process in --bootstrap mode and sending commands to create the system tables and their content.

There is a version specifically for Windows, mysql_install_db.exe.

To invoke mariadb-install-db, use the following syntax:

mariadb-install-db --user=mysql

For the options supported by mariadb-install-db, see mariadb-install-db: Options.

For the option groups read by mariadb-install-db, see mariadb-install-db: Option Groups.

See mariadb-install-db: Installing System Tables for information on the installation process.

See mariadb-install-db: Troubleshooting Issues for information on how to troubleshoot the installation process.

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