Is there any way to know if the replication thread is executing the DML?

I have a slave-only trigger. It gets executed by the replication process. I also run other DML against the slave which I don't want the trigger to be executed for.

I was thinking that I could somehow find out who is doing the DML in the trigger: If it is replication then <do something> else <do nothing> end if;

Is there any way? Something similar to CURRENT_USER() or USER(), but which would return the MASTER_USER?

Answer Answered by Manu Anttila in this comment.

Okay. In the trigger I check if it is a local process that has executed the DML by querying the ID+HOST in information_schema.processlist and comparing them to CONNECTION_ID()+USER(). I can make the decision based on that.

MariaDB [xxx]> select LocalProcess();
| LocalProcess() |
|              1 |

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