JEMALLOC not found when building on Raspbian Wheezy

I have installed the list of Required tools shown on the Build Environment Setup for Linux, including JEMALLOC, on my Raspberry Pi which has Raspbian Wheezy installed, fully updated, and setup for development. I have successfully built some of the listed tools (Bison, CMake 3.7.2). I have gcc and g++ (Raspbian 4.8.2-21rpi3rpi1) 4.8.2.

When I attempt to build mariadb 10.1.22 (master branch from the github repository), I get an error:

CMake Error at cmake/jemalloc.cmake:38 (MESSAGE):
  jemalloc is not found
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMakeLists.txt:343 (CHECK_JEMALLOC)

After building JEMALLOC, I installed it into /usr/local using sudo make install. I have export JEMALLOC_PATH=/usr/local in my bash session.

I don't understand why CHECK_JEMALLOC is failing to find the correct files. A list of the file locations is:


I can attach a link to the CMake configure log, error log, and terminal output if needed.


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