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I have the following JSON in MariaDB/MySQL:

[{"uid": 5}, {"uid": 6}, {"uid": 7}]

TABLE> user_pst_tb


pst_id | pst_liked_by (This is the JSON Column)


30 | [{"uid": 5}, {"uid": 6}, {"uid": 7}]

i want to use any method to remove {"uid": 6} alone on pst_id = 30, but i cannot find how to formulate the path. I thought of this:

UPDATE user_pst_tb SET `pst_liked_by` = JSON_REMOVE( `pst_liked_by`, JSON_UNQUOTE( REPLACE( JSON_SEARCH( `pst_liked_by`, 'one', '6', null, '$.uid' ) , '.uid' , '' ) ) ) WHERE pst_id = 30;

for some reason the MariaDB and MySQL docs does not have such examples. Any help is appreciated.

I have also tried:

UPDATE user_pst_tb SET `pst_liked_by`= JSON_REMOVE(`pst_liked_by`, JSON_UNQUOTE( JSON_SEARCH(`pst_liked_by`, 'one','{"uid": 6}') )) WHERE `pst_id` = 30;

The second query clears all the JSON data sadly

Please HELP

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