By default MariaDB 10.1 and earlier releases come compiled with XtraDB as the default InnoDB replacement. From MariaDB 10.2, InnoDB is the default.

MariaDB starting with 5.5

Starting from MariaDB 5.5, all standard MariaDB distributions also includes InnoDB as a plugin.

To use the InnoDB plugin instead of XtraDB you can add to your my.cnf file:

# The following should not be needed if you are using a mariadb package:
MariaDB until 5.3

For MariaDB 5.3 and below, the name of the library is

The reasons you may want to use InnoDB instead of XtraDB are:

  • You want to benchmark the difference between InnoDB/XtraDB
  • You hit a bug in XtraDB
  • You got a table space crash in XtraDB and recovery doesn't work. In some cases InnoDB may do a better job to recover data.

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