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Note: This page is obsolete. The information is old, outdated, or otherwise currently incorrect. We are keeping the page for historical reasons only. Do not rely on the information in this article.

This page lists things that were in plans for MariaDB 5.3 but were not included after all. For the actual list of things that are still needed before 5.3 release, see mariadb-53-todo

Specific goals

Top-level worklog for all tasks: MWL#91

TODO per person before 5.3 can go beta

Sergey Petrunya

In priority order:

Timour Katchaounov

Optional tasks

  • Possibly: MWL#?? Remove double materialization in materialized subqueries ;In 5.5
  • New tasks (moved from MWL#89):
    • implement robust expensive predicate handling (is_expensive), possibly in a separate task
  • performance tuning for all WL

Michael "Monty" Widenius

  • mwl#?? VARCHAR and BLOB for HEAP tables (from ebay).
    • Waiting for ok from Ebay to use their code to start working on this.

Igor Babaev

MWL#128: Implement Block Nested Loop Hash Join

hash join over attributes with non-binary collation (not started, 1-2 weeks) (not critical)

MWL#?? (new)

  • Cost-based choice for join buffers (not started, 2 weeks, including review)

MWL#106: Backport optimizations for derived tables and views

The goal of this task is to backport the implementation of the late materialization of derived tables and views and the additional optimizations for derived tables/views from MySQL 6.0 code line to MariaDB 5.3.

  • Done in a separate tree, probable requires refactoring.
  • Probable problems of merging with other tasks. (1 week)
  • Philip should start testing; Timour+Igor to define when bugs should be reported (not to be reported if bugs is also a subquery bug)

Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin


  • Bitmap in tmp table keys ; 1-3 days

Sergei Golubchik

  • review query rewrite plugin contribution
  • review Kristian's replication tasks
  • MWL#113: many clustered keys (not only primary)
  • MWL#114: insert ignore ha_extra hint
  • MWL#151: Phone home (done, just needs to be pushed)

Kristian Nielsen

Tasks which should go in 5.3:

  • MWL#116: Group commit framework and implementation
    • Code complete, waiting for code review.
    • After review+fixes, need to supply info for documentation.
  • MWL#136: Cross-engine consistency for START TRANSACTION WITH CONSISTENT SNAPSHOT
    • Code complete, waiting for code review.
    • After review+fixes, need to supply info for documentation.
  • MWL#163: release of row locks in InnoDB during prepare
    • Code complete, waiting for code review.
    • After review+fixes, need to supply info for documentation.

Tasks which are not critical for 5.3, but could go there:

  • PBXT part of MWL#116.
    • Waiting for response from Paul McCullagh.
  • MWL#132: TC plugin
    • Waiting for code review.

Rolling features

  • MWL#92: Subqueries backport: fix known semi-join subquery bugs
  • Consolidate the range query apis (need more info)
  • MWL#115: innodb statistics in the slow log
  • Tasks in worklog
  • mwl#?? Optimized versions of users statistics (from google/facebook).
    • responsible: Monty
    • status: will do if Monty has time after VARCHAR and BLOB task
    • todo: review, change, possibly reimplement, est: 7 days work


  • Still a lot of open bugs at Launchpad.
  • More testing to be decided later


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