I want to help MariaDB community and execute Test Cases and provide results how can I do that?

I am a QA Analyst and I love open source. I want to gain access to MariaDB community and read the TEST PLAN and execute test cases? Where can I get this information and post my results.

Are they using QTP or Quality Center or JIRA?

where can I start?

any help is greatly appreciated.

Answer Answered by Elena Stepanova in this comment.

Thanks for willing to help.

You can start from here: https://mariadb.com/kb/en/quality/ Some information might be outdated, but it will give you rough ideas of what is being done.

However, as a QA analyst you must know that the most efficient way to help is to do something that is *not* being done yet. Since it's open source, you can just choose components you are interested in, create your own test plan, choose tools that you find most appropriate, and execute tests in a way that is most suitable for you.

If you are unsure which components to choose, we can suggest you some that currently require testing efforts the most. But how you work on them will be still up to you.

To keep track of your activity and let us know about it, you can create a JIRA task and update it with information about what you are doing. It is not strictly necessary though.

If as a result of this activity you find bugs, you will check them against existing reports in JIRA, and if they have not been filed yet, you will create reproducible test cases and will submit them.


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