Mariadb communtiy 101.34 mutli source replication DML queries fails


Was using 10.1.34 for quite some time, however for some reason in the recent past, we had an issue with replication which is built with multi source replication option, the issue is that un-fortunately the data is not replicating to other slaves(total of 7 slaves it replicates to only 4 but other 3 is not syncing), however a restart on the primary master and the non syncing slaves has resolved this problem. Not sure if there is bug, nothing found on the logs, please note we are using the community version.

Can someone help or had the same issue with this specific version?

If there are any inputs for troubleshooting is much appreciated.

Tried verifying binary/relay logs, all data looks good and replication is multi source(each node acts as master/slave to other) and bin log format is row. Replication-do-db/ binlog-do-db is also enabled and configuration is common for all of the slaves.

Thanks, Rakesh Kundula


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