MariaDB compilation on old Linux

I still have to use MandrakeLinux 10.0 having MySQL v.4.0.22 in its repository. Is it possible to build binary rpm-packages (binary in /usr/bin, data in /var/lib/mysql and etc) of fresh MariaDB on old Linux distribution like MandrakeLinux 10.0 (something like `rpmbuild -bb mysql.spec`)?

Answer Answered by colin charles in this comment.

It should be possible. It all depends on which gcc/glibc you're using. We obviously do not build MariaDB on older platforms and we don't even build on Mandrake Linux at the moment, but you should be able to just build off from the spec file.

However if there are bugs found, you'd probably want to file them at Launchpad or even hop on #maria on freenode irc. These may not be very high priority bugs to fix. However, if there is a commercial need to get this done, Monty Program is happy to do some non-recurring engineering (NRE) work for a fee.

Hope this helps


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