MariaDB Developer Meeting - Athens - Friday, 11 Nov 2011

Agenda and notes from day 1 of the MariaDB Developer Meeting in Athens, Greece.


TimeMain Track
09:00‑10:00Email & Hacking time (Public)
10:00‑10:15Welcome session (Public)
10:15‑11:00MariaDB Development Procedures (should we try to adopt more Agile techniques?) (Public)
11:00‑11:15Small break
11:15‑12:30MariaDB Quality (Philip) (Public)
13:30‑15:15Plans for MariaDB 5.6 (Public)
15:15‑15:45Coffee break
15:45‑17:00MariaDB 5.6 Merge Planning (Public)
17:00‑17:45MariaDB 5.6 Merge Planning (Public)

Printed Schedule (pdf)


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