MariaDB Java Client 1.1.4 Release Notes

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Release date: 10 Sept 2013

MariaDB Java Client 1.1.4 is a Stable (GA) release. In general this means that there are no known serious bugs, except for those marked as feature requests, that no bugs were fixed since last release that caused a notable code changes, and that we believe the code is ready for general usage (based on bug inflow).

For a description of the MariaDB Java Client see the About the MariaDB Java Client page.

For a list of all changes made in this release, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.

New functionality

It is now possible to connect to the server via Unix domain sockets (on Unix platforms) or shared memory (Windows). For domain socket connections, add "localSocket=<socket_path>" to the connection URL. For shared memory connections, add "sharedMemory=<shared_memory_base_name>".

Shared memory and unix domain socket support is implemented using Java Native Access (JNA) library, and this means that applications that use these features will need jna.jar and jna-platform.jar to be present in the classpath at runtime (CONJ-50, CONJ-51). More information about the JNA project can be found at

Bugs fixed in this release

Some of the bugs fixed include:

  • ResultSet.getTimestamp() did not work with TIME columns (CONJ-54)
  • DatabaseMetaData will now return correct information about case senstivity handling, dependent on lower_case_table_names database parameter(CONJ-55)
    • supportsMixedCaseIdentifiers(),supportsMixedCaseQuotedIdentifiers() will return true if lower_case_table_names is 0 (case-sensitive)
    • storesLowerCaseIdentifiers(),storesLowerCaseQuotedIdentifiers() will return true if lower_case_table_names is 1 ( case-insensitive, lowercase conversion)
    • storesMixedCase[Identifiers(),storesMixedCaseQuotedIdentifiers() will returns true if lower_case_table_names is 2 (case-insensitive, but case-preserving)
  • DatabaseMetaData.getDatabaseMinorVersion() incorrectly returned major version instead of minor (CONJ-56)
  • PreparedStatement.setObject() now correctly handles objects of type java.util.Date (CONJ-57)
  • If connection is idle, Statement.cancel() is now a no-op. Previously, "KILL QUERY" was sent to database no matter whether statement was executed or not (CONJ-58)
  • Provide public method Driver.unloadDriver() to cleanup after driver unload, to workaround Tomcat's classloading issues (CONJ-61)
  • Make PreparedStatement.toString() output more meaningful (CONJ-62)

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