Mariadb-libs installation conflicts with existing MySQL community libs

During installation of openstack on Redhat LInux7 we were facing the below error.

        Removing mariadb-libs.x86_64. 1: - u due to obsoletes from installed mysql-community-libs-5.7.12-1.el7/x86_64
        Restarting dependency Resolution with new changes
        Running transaction check
        Package mariadb-libs.x86_64. 1: will be installed
        Processing Dependency : mariadb-libs = for package: 1: mariadb-devel-5.5.47-1
        Finished dependency resolution
        Error : Package : 1: maria-db-devel-5.5.47-1/el7_2
           Requires: mariadb-libs(x86-64)= 1:5.5.47-1.el7_2
           Available: 1:mariadb-libs-5.5.35-3.el7.x86_64
                  mariadb-libs(x86-64) =1:5.5.35-3.el7
        You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
        You could try running: rpm -VA --nofiles --nodigest

MySQL is already installed on my machine. Unfortunately I cannot remove MySQL as it is being used for other projects.

Does mysql-community-libs-5.7.12-1.el7/x86_64 comes with mariadb-libs. If so how to remove only mariadb-libs from MySQL-communtiy which are creating a conflict?

Any suggestions required?


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