MaxScale running in systemd

I can't seem to get Maxscale to run through systemd on SLES 12. Here is the service file config:

[Uint] Description=MariaDB MaxScale

[service] Type=forking Restart=on-abnormal PIDfile=/var/run/maxscale/ ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/install -d /var/run/maxscale -o maxscale -g maxscaqle ExecStart=/usr/bin/maxscale --user=maxscale --config=/etc/maxscale/maxscale.cnf --syslog=no TimeoutStartSec=120 LimitNOFILE=65535


Got this from the Github repo

The service will start then quit while in systemd stating that the start up timed out. If I run the commands interactively on the command line it starts and runs. Still testing the actually working mysql part. Of course can't do that until I get it running as a service.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Answer Answered by Markus Mäkelä in this comment.

Also, this would seem like a bug. Please report this on the MariaDB Jira.


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