MariaDB MaxScale 2.0

This page was prepared on 2022-02-03 and relates to MariaDB MaxScale 2.0.

What is MaxScale?

MariaDB MaxScale is an advanced SQL firewall, proxy, router, and load balancer.

Is newer MaxScale available?

MariaDB MaxScale is actively developed, maintained, and supported by MariaDB Corporation.

As of this date, MariaDB MaxScale 6 is the current version.

MariaDB MaxScale 6 includes many features which were not available in MariaDB MaxScale 2.0.

When was MaxScale 2.0 EOL?

MariaDB MaxScale version 2.0 is a historical version of this software.

MaxScale 2.0 reached end-of-life (EOL) in January, 2019.

What content is archived?

Documentation for MariaDB MaxScale 2.0 is available as a downloadable PDF.


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