Configuring the MariaDB Monitor

Configuring the MariaDB Monitor

This document describes how to configure a MariaDB master-slave cluster monitor to be used with MaxScale.

Configuring the Monitor

Define the monitor that monitors the servers.

servers=dbserv1, dbserv2, dbserv3

The mandatory parameters are the object type, the monitor module to use, the list of servers to monitor and the username and password to use when connecting to the servers. The monitor_interval parameter controls for how long the monitor waits between each monitoring loop.

Monitor User

The monitor user requires the REPLICATION CLIENT privileges to do basic monitoring. To create a user with the proper grants, execute the following SQL.

CREATE USER 'monitor_user'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'my_password';
GRANT REPLICATION CLIENT on *.* to 'monitor_user'@'%';

Note: If the automatic failover of the MariaDB Monitor will used, the user will require additional grants. Execute the following SQL to grant them.

GRANT SUPER, RELOAD on *.* to 'monitor_user'@'%';


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