Upgrading MariaDB MaxScale from 2.4 to 2.5

Upgrading MariaDB MaxScale from 2.4 to 2.5

This document describes possible issues when upgrading MariaDB MaxScale from version 2.4 to 2.5.

For more information about MaxScale 2.5, refer to the ChangeLog.

Before starting the upgrade, any existing configuration files should be backed up.


The deprecated MaxAdmin interface has been removed in 2.5.0 in favor of the REST API and the MaxCtrl command line client. The cli and maxscaled modules can no longer be used.


The credentials used by services now require additional grants. For a full list of required grants, refer to the protocol documentation.


The settings detect_stale_master, detect_standalone_master and detect_stale_slave are replaced by master_conditions and slave_conditions. The old settings may still be used, but will be removed in a later version.

Password encryption

The encrypted passwords feature has been updated to be more secure. Users are recommended to generate a new encryption key and and re-encrypt their passwords using the maxkeys and maxpasswd utilities. Old passwords still work.

Default Server State

The default state of servers in 2.4 was Running and in 2.5 it is now Down. This was done to prevent newly added servers from being accidentally used before they were monitored.

Columnstore Monitor

It is now mandatory to specify in the configuration what version the monitored Columnstore cluster is.


Please see the documentation for details.

New binlog router

The binlog router delivered with MaxScale 2.5 is completely new and not 100% backward compatible with the binlog router delivered with earlier MaxScale versions. If you use the binlog router, carefully assess whether the functionality provided by the new one fulfills your requirements, before upgrading MaxScale.

Tee Filter

The tee filter parameter service has been deprecated in favor of the target parameter. All usages of service can be replaced with target.


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