MaxScale 23.08 Contents


About MariaDB MaxScale

Getting Started

Upgrading MariaDB MaxScale



The main tutorial for MariaDB MaxScale consist of setting up MariaDB MaxScale for the environment you are using with either a connection-based or a read/write-based configuration.

These tutorials are for specific use cases and module combinations.

Here are tutorials on monitoring and managing MariaDB MaxScale in cluster environments.


The routing module is the core of a MariaDB MaxScale service. The router documentation contains all module specific configuration options and detailed explanations of their use.


Here are detailed documents about the filters MariaDB MaxScale offers. They contain configuration guides and example use cases. Before reading these, you should have read the filter tutorial so that you know how they work and how to configure them.


Common options for all monitor modules.

Module specific documentation.


Documentation for MaxScale protocol modules.

The MaxScale CDC Connector provides a C++ API for consuming data from a CDC system.


A short description of the authentication module type can be found in the Authentication Modules document.


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