RabbitMQ Consumer Client

RabbitMQ Consumer Client


This utility tool is used to read messages from a RabbitMQ broker sent by the RabbitMQ Filter and forward these messages into an SQL database as queries.

Command Line Arguments

The RabbitMQ Consumer Client only has one command line argument.

Command Argument
-c Path to the folder containing the configuration file


To install the RabbitMQ Consumer Client you can either use the provided packages or you can compile it from source code. The source code is included as a part of the MariaDB MaxScale source code and can be found in the rabbitmq_consumer folder.

Building from source

This program requires the librabbitmq and libmysqlclient libraries.

Building with CMake:

cmake .

Variables to pass for CMake:

Path to headers -DCMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH=<path to="" headers=""> Path to libraries -DCMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH=<path to="" libraries=""> Install prefix -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<prefix>

Separate multiple folders with colons, for example:


After running CMake run make to build the binaries and make package to build RPMs.

To build without CMake, use the provided makefile and update the include and library directories 'in buildvars.inc'


The consumer client requires that the consumer.cnf configuration file is either be present in the etc folder of the installation directory or in the folder specified by the -c argument.

The source broker, the destination database and the message log file can be configured into the separate consumer.cnf file.

Option Description
hostname Hostname of the RabbitMQ server
port Port of the RabbitMQ server
vhost Virtual host location of the RabbitMQ server
user Username for the RabbitMQ server
passwd Password for the RabbitMQ server
queue Queue to consume from
dbserver Hostname of the SQL server
dbport Port of the SQL server
dbname Name of the SQL database to use
dbuser Database username
dbpasswd Database password
logfile Message log filename


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