DB administration software that is compatible with MariaDB 10.2.7 'COLUMN_DEFAULT' change.


Since we updated to 10.2.7+ the tools we used to use all broke in one way or another because of the change involving Information Schema COLUMNS 'COLUMN_DEFAULT' column having quotes all of a sudden... We are using dbForge Studio for MySQL for db administration and now it's corrupting our databases and features like schema comparison don't work entirely.

Can you suggest any alternatives? What should people do in that situation?

Answer Answered by mail01 in this comment.

Ever tried MySQL Workbench from Oracle ? It works well with MariaDB. I use it for years : save/restore, db management, users, alter tables, schema inspector, SQL querys... Since MariaDB v10.x, the only trouble I have notice is a simple warning when you open a session : the software complains about a version number it doesn't know (since MySQL still in v5, workbench find that v10 is queer).


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