MariaDB removes all users on restart

I am new to MariaDB and have set 3 instances up on 3 different servers. I customised the variables using the MySQL MariaDB client and all was well with the world. However, when coming to restart the machine which the MariaDB databases are currently installed on, it set all the variables back to default values. This is very strange and I'm not sure why this has occurred. After some investigating I found that I can set the variables permanently by changing the My.config file. So this is what I did.

My MariaDB instance had 2 users, the original root and the new user which I created. When I restarted the machine after changing the config file by only adding 3 variables, I found that it removed both users and I now cannot connect to MariaDB using any of the users which have been created. I've done this on two machines and now I only have access to one!

Why is this? Is this some sort of bug? How am I supposed to get back in?

Answer Answered by Andrew Kilburn in this comment.


Really strange if you ask me. When changing the config files I had set the variables like so :


I believe it caused a syntax error in the config file. I changed the variables to lower case and it worked fine. Maybe it got to the config file and failed and then didn't continue with the setup after restart. Shout out to Ben for the help!


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