MariaDB sorting issue


I have one table with 4 million rows and other table with 1 million rows. When I perform join on both the table and perform the sort on the column which is not main table it is behaving really slow.

I have tested with 8 GB RAM. Whole database fits in memory.

I have also checked with EXPLAIN it is not creating temporary table on disk. How can I get best performance?

e.g query.

SELECT DISTINCT AS id_0, a1_.created_at AS created_at_1 FROM user u0_ LEFT JOIN advertise a1_ ON (a1_.user_id = ORDER BY a1_.created_at DESC LIMIT 10;

Also note that all the indexes are properly created so that is not he issue here.

Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.

Try posting the question on #maria on IRC - you can probably get a quicker response there, and can respond to questions for more information immediately.


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