Multi-threading and Statement.cancel()

Attempting to execute queries on multiple threads (10 to 20) with the ability to cancel each Thread's unique Statement mid execution from a separate thread.

However, when sharing a single Connection among all threads for their Statement creation, a cancel() on one Statement will cause other thread's executeQuery() to throw a "Query execution was interrupted".

Switching to per thread Connections and a thread pool, the cancel() will sometimes fail with "Unknown thread id: xx". I'm assuming this occurs when a thread previously used to work with another connection attempts to cancel() another.

This had worked previously with MySql jdbc (and still does with MySql jdbc + MariaDb server).

The queries themselves are single table, limited/offset, selects. Where clauses would generally be related: query 1: like 'a%' query 2: like 'ab%' query 3: like 'abc%'

With each previous query being cancelled when a more specific query was available.

Any comments/suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

Answer Answered by Vladislav Vaintroub in this comment.

It is the only thing what server can do - connection wide cancellation with "kill query <connection>". Statement cancellation can only be emulated on client by checking if thus statement is being executed currently


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