Native SQL-Connector for LibreOffice/OpenOffice?

Hello, I have been using OO/LO for years and have used both the Java-Connector but also ODBC under both Debian-Linux and Windows-Vista. When it became available I switched to the Native MySQL-Connector as delivered by MySQL. Oracle now has obviously got rid of that connector. Is there or are there any plany for a native connector to LO/OO in MariaDB? Thanks for your help and regards H. Stoellinger Salzburg

Answer Answered by colin charles in this comment.


I still see the connector available for download:

The documentation is still here: (and from what I can see it also is documented with MySQL 5.5)

Further documentation is here:

And there's more on the Forge here:

I'm pretty sure it will work with and MariaDB. It should also work with binary compatible LibreOffice.

Have you tried it and realised that it does not work?



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