Network time of result of select query is too much.

Hello, I'm getting data using select query with column index

The number of column of table is about 190.

The number of data row of table is about 1000000000EA and table size is about 350GB

Index is consist of column (product_id, product_function, function_step, sub_function, YYYY, MM, DD, HH) as IDX_01

and query is like below.

SELECT product_id, product_function, function_step, sub_function, measure_data1, measure_data2, measure_data3, measure_data4................. measure_data120 (the number of measure_data is about 120EA) FROM table01 WHERE product_id = '1' AND product_name = 'keyboard' AND product_function = 'typing' AND function_step = '2' AND sub_function IS NULL AND YYYY = 2018 AND MM = 6 AND DD = 3 AND HH = 7

when i get the result about 15000 rows, elapse time about 0.250sec but +19 sec network, so total elapse time about 20 sec below is result log /* 0 rows affected, 15,501 rows found. Duration for 1 query: 0.250 sec. (+ 19.625 sec. network) */

Is there any way to improve query performance?


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