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Here are links to news reports and articles related to MariaDB, organised in reverse chronological order. You might also look at the Case Studies section.







  • Slackware is replacing MySQL with MariaDB - 23 Mar 2013 - "The big news here is the removal of MySQL in favor of MariaDB. This shouldn't really be a surprise on any level. The poll on LQ showed a large majority of our users were in favor of the change. It's my belief that the MariaDB Foundation will do a better job with the code, be more responsive to security concerns, and be more willing to work with the open source community."
  • Connectors, controversy and the LGPL - 29 Jan 2013 - H-online - by Dj Walker-Morgan. Well rounded article about the connectors and why there should be no licensing controversy around it.


  • The Hacking Business Model - 25 July 2012 - on about The Hacking Business Model & an interview with Michael "Monty" Widenius.
  • Mageia Linux Is A Distro On The Rise - 4 July 2012 - on ComputerWorld by Katherine Noyes. Great quote: "Notably, this Linux distro makes use of MariaDB in place of Oracle's MySQL database."
  • Parallels Summit 2012: The cloud world in 2022 - 16 February 2012 - choice quote: "He also believes the creator of MySQL’s latest offering, MariaDB, will continue to steal market share from its predecessor, thanks to lower costs and more advanced functionality." - Serguei Beloussov, Chairman & Chief Architect, Parallels


  • Beyond MySQL - 25 Oct 2011 - on IBM developerWorks about alternatives to MySQL.


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