No Rocky-Linux support yet??

hello - while carefully following the instruction link above, the only way i was able to get RL to run was to look for any reference in the ./mariadb_repo_setup script and any place i saw rhel|centos i changed it to rhel|centos|rocky and also changed */etc/redhat-release* from Rocky LInux to Centos Linux.

when will Rocky-Linux be fully supported? I don't feel comfortable hacking an install script to get it to work.

also i would suggest changing yum to dnf

Answer Answered by Daniel Bartholomew in this comment.

When running the mariadb_repo_setup script, you can tell it what OS and version to use and then it will skip trying to detect the OS you are running:

./mariadb_repo_setup --os-type=rhel --os-version=8


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