Comments - Openquery from SQL Server to MariaDB 10.1.48 using MariaDB ODBC Connector 3.1

2 months, 2 weeks ago John Smith

Figured it out. Someone else raised this on Stack Overflow for mySQL back in 2015.

You have to convert the SQL server date to VARCHAR.

Code example using the StackOverflow solution, adapted to my situation:

DECLARE @TSQL varchar(8000) DECLARE @VAR varchar(29) SET @VAR = CONVERT(VARCHAR, cast(DATEADD(day, -5, getdate()) as date) ,120) --Select @var SET @TSQL = 'select modified from OPENQUERY(MariaDB, ''Select date_modified FROM tbl WHERE date(date_modified) >= ''''' + @VAR + ''''''') ' EXEC (@TSQL)

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