ODBC Connector SQLProcedureColumns does not accept empty SchemaName

MariaDB community server 10.10.2 MariaDB ODBC 3.1.17

I am using sqlapi++ as odbc library. I need to get the input and output variable of stored procedures why I use the SQLProcedureColumns function. sqlapi++ searchs the catalog, schema and procedure names and calls the MADB_StmtProcedureColumns function in MariaDB ODBC connector. When there is no schema name it passes an empty string to MADB_StmtProcedureColumns. And this is a problem in MariaDB ODBC > 3.1.12.

in ma_catalog.c of the MariaDB ODBC from line 576 is the WHERE clause defined of the SQLProcedureColumns query.

at line 601:

 /* Empty schema name means tables w/out schema. We could get here only if it is empty string, otherwise the error would have been already thrown */
  if (SchemaName != NULL && *SchemaName == '\0')
    p += _snprintf(p, Length - strlen(StmtStr), "WHERE 0");

because of SELECT SPECIFIC_SCHEMA AS PROCEDURE_CAT ... WHERE 0, I don't get an empty table. With MariaDB ODBC <=3.1.12, MySQL ODBC and MS SQL Server I can pass an empty string for the schema. What is the reason in the newer ODBC Connector the schema must be null an there is no empty string accepted? I think it would be better to accept empty strings and stay compatible with other ODBC drivers.


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