Partitioning Limitations with MariaDB

The following limitations apply to partitioning in MariaDB:

  • Each table can contain a maximum of 8192 partitions. Until MariaDB 10.0.3, the limit was 1024.
  • Queries are never parallelized, even when they involve multiple partitions.
  • A table can only be partitioned if the storage engine supports partitioning.
  • All partitions must use the same storage engine. For a workaround, see Using CONNECT - Partitioning and Sharding.
  • A partitioned table cannot contain, or be referenced by, foreign keys.
  • The query cache is not aware of partitioning and partition pruning. Modifying a partition will invalidate the entries related to the whole table.
  • Updates can run more slowly when binlog_format=ROW and a partitioned table is updated than an equivalent update of a non-partitioned table.
  • All columns used in the partitioning expression for a partitioned table must be part of every unique key that the table may have.
  • In versions prior to MariaDB 11.3.2, it is not possible to create partitions on tables that contain GEOMETRY types.

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