SAVEPOINT identifier


InnoDB supports the SQL statements SAVEPOINT, ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT, RELEASE SAVEPOINT and the optional WORK keyword for ROLLBACK.

Each savepoint must have a legal MariaDB identifier. A savepoint is a named sub-transaction.

Normally ROLLBACK undoes the changes performed by the whole transaction. When used with the TO clause, it undoes the changes performed after the specified savepoint, and erases all subsequent savepoints. However, all locks that have been acquired after the save point will survive. RELEASE SAVEPOINT does not rollback or commit any changes, but removes the specified savepoint.

When the execution of a trigger or a stored function begins, it is not possible to use statements which reference a savepoint which was defined from out of that stored program.

When a COMMIT (including implicit commits) or a ROLLBACK statement (with no TO clause) is performed, they act on the whole transaction, and all savepoints are removed.


If COMMIT or ROLLBACK is issued and no transaction was started, no error is reported.

If SAVEPOINT is issued and no transaction was started, no error is reported but no savepoint is created. When ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT or RELEASE SAVEPOINT is called for a savepoint that does not exist, an error like this is issued:

ERROR 1305 (42000): SAVEPOINT svp_name does not exist


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