SET Variable


SET var_name = expr [, var_name = expr] ...


The SET statement in stored programs is an extended version of the general SET statement. Referenced variables may be ones declared inside a stored program, global system variables, or user-defined variables.

The SET statement in stored programs is implemented as part of the pre-existing SET syntax. This allows an extended syntax of SET a=x, b=y, ... where different variable types (locally declared variables, global and session server variables, user-defined variables) can be mixed. This also allows combinations of local variables and some options that make sense only for system variables; in that case, the options are recognized but ignored.

SET can be used with both local variables and user-defined variables.

When setting several variables using the columns returned by a query, SELECT INTO should be preferred.

To set many variables to the same value, the LAST_VALUE( ) function can be used.

Below is an example of how a user-defined variable may be set:

SET @x = 1;

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